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What is Mezcal?

Mezcal comes from the Mexican indigenous language Náhuatl and means METL: Maguey (Agave) and IZCALLI: Cooked, so its meaning is: Cooked Maguey. Mezcal used to be the generic term for agave spirits.

Mezcal Tequila

Historically, Tequila is a type of mezcal. It received an appellation of origin in the 80s acquiring the name of the place where is produced: Tequila.

The popularity of this mezcal grow so much all over the world that thanks to it, the category of mezcal as a generic term was finally recognized.

Craft made

Mezcal is made in an artisanal and organic way. Most of the agaves are grown wild and producers are families that have been dedicated years of tradition to the spirt that represents their culture.