About Us

The Germany-based Jaguar Mezcal Boutique is an intercultural project aimed at bringing the beauty and diversity of Mezcal to the heart of Europe.

The project is led by Amanda Aranda Novoa, a Mexican with a great passion and knowledge for agave spirits. Together with her partner Thomas Mager, they ensure a proper translation of cultural values from Mexico to Germany.

"We form this bridge to one of Mexico's largest and most hidden cultural treasures: Mezcal."

Our story

Our Story

After traveling all over Mexico, Amanda and her partner Thomas witnessed much of the country's breathtaking nature and culture. It's one of the most vibrant places there is, full of colors, full of life. Wherever they went, they came across Mezcal. It quickly became clear to them that Mezcal is inextricably linked with Mexican culture. Amanda and Thomas became curious about the "most complex spirit in the world" and began to learn more about it: the many different types of agaves used as a base, the vast regional differences and traditions, the hard work during the harvest, the immense pride "Maestros Mezcaleros" take in production, and the great value it holds for social events and festivities.

They met hundreds of producers, visited countless bars and restaurants, delving deep into the rich taste world of spirits. It soon became clear to them that Mezcal offers a concept similar to wine, and so they decided to develop a project that pursued the same approach. At this point, the idea of the Jaguar Mezcal Boutique was born.


After years of hard work and patience, the company was founded in Germany in the summer of 2022 with a portfolio of 10 brands from various regions of Mexico, making it one of the most diverse Mezcal portfolios in Europe. Amanda and Thomas continuously promote Mezcal and the craftsmanship and nature behind it, aiming to take the audience on a journey through different cultures, terroirs, and flavors. The mission of this project is to change the perspective of agave spirits and position the category as the most beautiful in the world.

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