About Us

Based in Germany Jaguar Mezcal Boutique is an intercultural project with the aim to bring the beauty and diversity of Mexican culture to the heart of Europe. "We form this bridge with one of Mexico`s greatest and hidden cultural treasures: Mezcal."

Our story

Our story

While traveling all over Mexico we saw a lot of the country´s breathtaking nature and culture. It`s one of the most vibrant places that exist, full of color, full of life. Also for me as Mexican this was a deeply touching experience of reconnection with my country and culture.

Wherever we went we came across Mezcal. Quickly we realized that Mezcal is inseparable from Mexican culture. Curious about the “most complex spirit in the world” we learnt more about it: the many different types of gaves used as a base, the big regional differences and traditions, the hard work involved in harvesting, the great pride “Maestros Mezcaleros” take in the production and the great value it represents to social events and festivities.We met hundreds of producers, visited countless bars and restaurants and by doing so went deep into the spirits profound world of flavors. At the end, Mezcal became the symbol for Mexico´s unique cultural heritage and diversity for us.

Unsurprisingly, we started to acquire quite a collection of Mezcal from all over the country and shared our growing love for it with friends. It made many dinner parties truly special and unforgettable. Mezcal is a spirit of great character as it roots deep in history, has great meaning to Mexico and embodies the country´s and people´s diversity. We want to tell its story and share the amazing experience that one enters exploring its world. Jaguar Mezcal Boutique is the place where we make this happen.